Frisco and Plano’s Reliable Tax Service Experts Precision Tax and Bookkeeping Services Inc


Frisco and Plano’s Reliable Tax Service Experts Precision Tax and Bookkeeping Services Inc

Bench takes the stress out of bookkeeping and tax preparation, helping Frisco’s business owners to focus on what they do best – growing their businesses. Precision Tax and Bookkeeping Services is Independently owned and operated by a trusted CPA tax expert. Rick Carpenter has been a licensed Certified Public Accountant since 1997. They provide individualized service that will deliver superior results at an affordable rate.

  1. Accountants may offer a package rate for weekly, monthly or annual services to reward ongoing customers.
  2. He prepared my taxes quickly and was responsive to all my questions.
  3. However, many factors can impact how much an accountant will charge you for tax assistance.
  4. Town of Frisco sales and lodging taxes can be reported on the same return form for your convenience.
  5. Our team of Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors works with you to achieve your financial objectives.

Frisco Bookkeeping and Tax Services will positively transform the way you do bookkeeping and boost your business profitability with critical and competitive advantages. You now have immediate and ready access to your accounts with completely reliable financial information. Rick was a trusted colleague for many years and has continued to provide excellent financial advice and tax services. His customer first, honest approach to finance is a breath of fresh air. His guidance has had a positive financial impact on our family and we look forward to working with him in the future.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Bench will always keep you regularly updated with your bookkeeping needs. If you have urgent queries you need answered, rest assured we’ll respond within one business day or less. Tailoring our services to meet the specific requirements of Frisco’s dynamic business landscape is our top priority. Each month, your bookkeeper organizes your business transactions and prepares financial statements.

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Their professional bookkeeping services will keep you on track and accurate. They will help your small business with taxes, bookkeeping, and payroll services. Whether you’re already in business or yet in the planning phase, the right structure could provide protection or potentially save you money on your taxes.

Pricing plans that fit your business

Their professionals have an average of 10 years of experience handling even the most unique tax situations. Whether you come into your local Frisco H&R Block office to work with your tax pro or drop off your documents and go, your well-being is thier top priority. They give upfront, transparent pricing for their clients without any complications. At H&R Block, You can Get professional tax preparation, including help with earned income tax credits, a tax refund or tax return, and more.

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Check out the average hourly rate for accounting services in your region. Accountants are financial professionals who have received an accounting degree from frisco bookkeeping and tax services a four-year university or college. By trade, accountants prepare, maintain and examine the financial statements of an individual, business or institution.

Bench offers bookkeeping services for your business in Frisco, Texas. Get expert support for your small business, perfectly tailored to your Cowboys and Roughriders rooting, North Texas stomping ground. We will continue to use and highly recommend his services. Check out the average hourly rate for accounting services in your area.

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