Check out these funny Wisconsin April Fools’ jokes on social media today

For instance, if one started to experiment with alcohol with a beer every other day, after a while, one may notice that a beer every other day feels nothing. There is a craving to achieve the previously experienced effects again. When that craving happens, one finds that “a beer every other day” increases to “two beers” and then “three beers” as tolerance levels […]

Elon Musk’s Neuralink has put in its first human brain implant : NPR

Feelings of mush or distraction are often the result of flitting rapidly between multiple objects of focus without being aware of it. You can train yourself to do less of this flitting, for example with meditation (provided you can bring yourself to focus on that). Because the pressures of 21st century living can be intense and relentless, the number 1 skill […]