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Kids for
the Future
& Peace

A social campaign organized by the IDYLLA Foundation

Campaign Idea

The future belongs to Children – no one and nothing has the right to limit or take it away from them.

Children have beautiful dreams about the future! As adults, we’ve created an online space where they can inspire us with their artwork. The idea appeared at the beginning of March 2022, coinciding with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine… We asked ourselves: Where are the Children in all of this?


The strength of the children’s voice resonates in our campaign through their artistic creations. By participating in art contests, which are an integral part of the campaign, children have the opportunity to show the world who they want to be, what they want to achieve, where and with whom they want to live, what they want to do, and what kind of help they want to offer the planet and people…


Some of the artwork will go to a charity auction, while others will be gifted to influential public figures who can shape the future of the world, including the future of Children.

The goal is to help children.

In this year’s Campaign edition, we are helping children dealing with emotional crises and various psychological problems. 

We aim to reach a wide international community with our idea and the voices of the Children. With the raised funds, we can provide equal opportunities for children with disabilities whose happy future is limited by their health and life situation.


We are helping children who feel lonely and socially excluded due to peer alienation; those who feel the effects of isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic; those who have experienced trauma resulting from the loss of parents, homes and loved ones due to war or other difficult life circumstances and children who are currently under the care of foster or adoptive families.

Who Can Participate
in the Campaign?

We invite the following people and organizations to participate:

  • Children and youth aged 3 to 17 years old
  • Schools and kindergartens
  • Orphanages and Residential Homes
  • Cultural Centers and Art Clubs
  • Partners
  • Influencers
  • Media

We also encourage talented children from various fields to participate in the Campaign.

Honorary Patronage

We want the world to know the dreams of all children, regardless of their origin or place of residence. That is why we have sent invitations to the First Ladies to take honorary patronage over the Campaign:

  • Projekt bez tytułu (5)
    Agata Kornhauser-Duda
    First Lady of the Republic of Poland
  • Projekt bez tytułu (6)
    Jill Biden
    First Lady of the United States of America
  • Projekt bez tytułu (7)
    Ołena Załenska
    First Lady of Ukraine

Campaign Organizer

We are organizing the Campaign as a team of the IDYLLA Foundation
with the support of people with big hearts. We also invite you to join us.

We base our work on strong values: Human, Kindness, Support, Cooperation, Tolerance and Integration, as well as eight key Support Pillars that provide a stable base for life and development. 

We have been working for 3 years and during this time, we have implemented dozens of projects and supported:

Beneficiaries of our programs
People fleeing from war
Children in emotional crisis

Thank you for your kind hearts!

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has contributed even the smallest part to the creation and development of our campaign Kids For The Future & Peace, including our partners in Poland and abroad.

Capaign Timeline

As part of the Campaign, we organize competitions with attractive prizes for Children and Teenagers aged 3 to 17.

We are planning four contests with different forms of artistic creativity, which we call Creative Climates. The first painting competition started. We will keep you informed about the others: spatial, vocal-recitation and multimedia contest, here on the website and in the Facebook group of the Campaign.

Painting Climate

Show your dreams and passion in our painting contest. It started on February 24th and will last until the final of the Campaign in December 2023!





Spatial Climate

Or maybe you are a sculptor or a young designer? Join our community and inspire us with your works!






Vocal-Recitation Climate

If you prefer to sing or recite, take part in the vocal-recitation contest and showcase your skills.




Multimedia Climate

Or perhaps you prefer to create virtual worlds and multimedia projects? The multimedia contest is for you!




See Children's Paintings!

We present children’s paintings in the Facebook group of the Campaign. Every month, the Competition Committee selects the best works of the children, and the authors of these works have a chance to win the main prizes in the Final Competition.

The winners of the competition receive prizes and certificates, and their works will be presented at the International Exhibition Kids For The Future & Peace, scheduled for December of this year in Warsaw.

Media for the Campaign

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank everyone for even the smallest mention of the Campaign and its mission in traditional and online media. We invite journalists and editors to cooperate and media to become Media Patrons of the Campaign.

Our experts, including psychologists, would be happy to participate as guests in thematic programs on TV, radio, or online. We have a lot of good things to say about the youngest children and their dreams, how to take care of them, and how to support our children. As a Foundation, we offer knowledge, tools, and support for parents, teachers, and all those who care about the well-being of the Children.

Join the Campaign

Join The Campaign

There are many ways to join our social campaign. Each form of help and joint action is of great value.

  • Projekt bez tytułu - 2023-04-20T234000.941
    As a parent, you can encourage your child to create a painting at home about their dream future and submit it for the Campaign. You can also inspire your child's preschool or school to join our Campaign.
  • Projekt bez tytułu - 2023-04-20T234619.840
    As an educator, you can register your school or class for our Campaign and art contests. For Children, creating art is a pleasure, especially when their work is appreciated and can help those in need.
  • Projekt bez tytułu - 2023-04-20T234644.810
    Support the Campaign by donating or bidding on a picture of a child's dream on our auction.
  • Projekt bez tytułu - 2023-04-20T234000.941
    Join our team of Campaign Ambassadors by notifying friends with children aged 3-17 about our Campaign, sending them a link to our website, posting information on your social media profile, or hanging a colorful poster in your school or your flat.
  • Projekt bez tytułu - 2023-04-20T234619.840
    Become a Campaign partner by helping us as a financial or material sponsor or through your partner involvement in the organization and promotion of the Campaign.
  • Projekt bez tytułu - 2023-04-20T234644.810
    As an influencer, inform your followers and fans about our Campaign or invite us to talk about it on your social media accounts.

What Can You Do Right Now?

Invite your children and friends to join the Kids For The Future & Peace Campaign.

By participating in the art contest, your child has a chance to express their dreams and, at the same time, develop their artistic talents while helping those in need.

  • 1. Give your child an A4 paper, paints, and crayons.
  • 2. Ask your child about their dreams for the future.
  • 3. Encourage your child to create a piece of artwork.
  • 4. Read the Campaign Regulations.
  • 5. Take a photo/ scan of your child's finished artwork.
  • 6. Post the scan of the artwork on the FB/KidsFuturePeace group.
  • 7. Use the hashtag: #KidsFuturePeace.
  • 8. Print, fill out, and sign the Participant Card.
  • 9. Securely package the child's artwork.
  • 10. Send it to our address.

Download documents

We have prepared some useful materials for you related to participation in the Kids For The Future & Peace Campaign. We are looking forward to seeing the children’s paintings.

Parent Zone

We invite you and your child to participate in the Campaign. Creative work is an excellent opportunity to stimulate young imagination and creativity. It is also a cool perspective for spending time together and getting to know the child’s view of the world better.

Where to start?

Download information and tips about the Campaign

Educator's Toolkit

A student’s participation in social campaigns and competitions may qualify them for a certificate of volunteering issued by our Foundation and this provide a basis for gaining additional behavior points at their educational institution, which we leave to the school’s decision.

Where to start?

Download information and tips about the Campaign

Child Guardian's Toolkit

We would like to invite Children from Orphanages and Residential Homes for children to participate in the Campaign’s contests. Our goal is to encourage children to express themselves, but also to draw attention to their needs for the future.

Where to start?

Download information and tips about the Campaign

Instructor Zone

We warmly invite trainers and instructors from Cultural Centers and Art Clubs to show the talents of Children to the world. We believe that through art, we can speak to the hearts of people in Poland and around the world.

Where to start?

Download information and tips about the Campaign

Join the Foundation's Newsletter

We will be happy to keep you informed about the progress of the Campaign and our projects.

on social media

Be enchanted by children’s dreams!

Follow our Instagram and join our Facebook group to see colorful children’s paintings.

We care about making the world notice the dreams of all children. And as adults, we should understand that every child has enormous potential and is capable of achieving anything they dream of if we do not limit them and help them in their realization.

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